Vingroup implements the second course of AI engineer training program

On April 15, 2021, Vingroup has announced to launch the second course of the AI engineer training program, with the aim of nurturing a core workforce for Vietnam’s science and technology. During the training process, trainees will receive competitive salaries and have the opportunity to participate in world-class technology projects.

Officially launched in August 2020, the Vingroup AI engineer training program (originally called the Human Resource Development Program in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science) combines both in-depth theory and practical application to nurture high-quality technology human resources. The team will be the core workforce who foster Vietnam’s scientific and technological development, making it comparable to the world’s leading technology companies.

The 2nd course of the program will officially kick off with two enrollment phases in April and September 2021 for 120 best candidates. All training fees is free and the trainees are also paid competitive salaries by Vingroup.

Trainees will participate in series of seminars and intensive classes delivered by leading technology experts of Vingroup.

Regarding the training process, besides the main subjects are Computer Vision, Natural language processing, Basic and advanced machine learning, and supplementary subjects including Linear Algebra, Statistical Probability, AI work ethic, trainees will participate in series of seminars and intensive classes. The training content is directly related to high-end technology projects and delivered by leading technology experts of Vingroup.

In addition to attractive income and remuneration, candidates will participate in international technology projects, led by world-class experts such as: Developing voice assistants for Vietnamese people; Self-driving vehicles; Vietnamese genome sequencing; Applying AI to build “doctor assistant” for the Vietnamese, etc. Trainees will work closely with leading experts such as Prof. Vu Ha Van (Scientific Director of Vingroup Big Data Institute, Professor of Yale University); PhD. Bui Hai Hung (Director of VinAI Research – the world’s leading AI expert); expert Truong Quoc Hung (General Director of VinBrain), etc.

To be selected, candidates will undergo three rounds including application forms; Mathematics, Programming, and English evaluation and interview with a panel of experts. Prioritized candidates include: final year students, postgraduate students and candidates who have no more than 3 years of experience working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science domestically and internationally. Majors should be Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Mathematics, Computer Science. Requirements for English capabilities are at least TOEIC 600, GPA 3.0 or equivalent level.

“The 1st course of the program had a team of high-quality trainees as 77% of those have obtained international or national titles and awards, or graduated from more than 20 famous universities in worldwide such as University of Illinois (Chicago, USA), University of Southampton (UK), University of Melbourne (Australia), etc. With the 2021 program, we will add more seminars and intensive classes as well as increase training duration. We expect to nurture a class of engineers who are knowledgeable and skilled enough to solve practical technology issues, then directly participate in projects competing with international technology” Prof. Vu Ha Van – Scientific Director of Vingroup Big Data Institute (VinBigdata), which directly implemented the program, affirmed.

Previously, the first course of the Vingroup AI engineer training program attracted about 600 excellent candidates after just over a month of implementation. After the evaluation rounds, 120 trainees were admitted.

Currently, a number of university valedictorians such as Vu Trong Nghia (Vietnam National University in Hanoi – 2014), Tran Xuan Tuyen (faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, University of Technology, Vietnam National University in Hanoi – 2019), Nguyen Duy Hung (Faculty of Mathematics, University of Exeter, UK – 2016), etc, after participating in theoretical training, are starting an internship at VinBigdata, VinAI, VinBrain Company, Vantix, etc.

The second course of Vingroup AI engineer training program receive applications from April 15, 2021 – May 31, 2021. Candidates please find detailed information about the program and apply online HERE or call: 0332 199 306. Send your CV to: with mail subject: Application CV – AI – Full name.

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