Vingroup nurtures Artificial Intelligence and Data Science human resources.

On August 21, 2020, Vingroup introduces "Human Resource Development Program in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science" to nurture the core workforce for Vietnam's Science and Technology. During the program, candidates will be paid competitive salaries, also receive basic and specialized training, meanwhile have opportunities to intern at leading technology corporations and research centers worldwide.

Human Resource Development Program in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science” combines in-depth theory and practical application to nurture high-quality technology human resources. They will be the core force for making Vietnam’s science and technology comparable to the world’s leading technology companies.

Engineers will undergo a one-year training period which is absolutely free of tuition fees. During the course, candidates will also be recruited as an official employee of Vingroup, and paid with market-competitive salaries. Excellent ones in the first phase will have opportunities to continue with practical training to become experts.

In addition to attractive income and remuneration, candidates will participate in international technology projects, led by world-class experts such as: Prof. Vu Ha Van – Scientific Director of Vingroup Big Data Institute, Professor of Yale University; PhD. Bui Hai Hung – Director of VinAI Research; expert Truong Quoc Hung – General Director of VinBrain; expert Nguyen Quang Huy – General Director of Vantix Technology Solutions and Services Company, etc. Especially, the best candidates will have opportunities to be trained and intern at the largest laboratories and technology corporations in the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, to name but a few. 

Regarding the process, in the first 3 months, candidates learn specialized knowledge about Computer Vision, Natural language processing, Machine learning, Deep learning, Linear algebra, Statistics, Ethics of AI. Lecturers are scientists from reputable universities and institutes in the world.

After that, engineers can work and intern at member technology companies of Vingroup such as: VinSmart, VinBigdata, VinAI, VinBrain, Vantix, VinSoftware, etc. They will directly participate in projects such as: Solution to optimize labor productivity through IoT and AI devices; Building Vietnamese genetic variation database; VinDr – A comprehensive AI solution for medical image processing, etc.

The program receives applications from August 21 and opens the first course in October 2020. Three groups of candidates being given priority include undergraduate students or those who have graduated from university for no more than 3 years (working or pursuing a master’s degree in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science). Compulsory majors are Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Mathematics and Informatics, Computer Science; including domestic and international. 

To become the official participants, candidates have to pass three phases: application; Mathematics, Programming and English evaluation; interview with our experts. 

Professor Vu Ha Van – Scientific Director of Vingroup Big Data Institute said: “With a strong force of leading experts and a solid technological foundation, we expect to train engineers who master both expertise and skills to solve real problems, thereby being able to directly participate in projects competing with international technology “.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are two key components of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The Human Resource Development Program in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is an important breakthrough of Vingroup to create a generation who contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam Science and Technology.

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