Computer Vision Engineer
Vingroup Big Data Institute - VinBigdata
Ha Noi
Salary: Deal
Expired Date: No expired date
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Vingroup Big Data Institute is a research institute founded by Vingroup. Our mission is to conduct data-driven research that helps to develop high-impact applications. We are currently looking for Computer Vision Engineers to participate in building models, develop products.

Job description:

  • Experiment and implement computer vision algorithms, machine learning techniques to solve real-life problems (face recognition, human detection, emotion detection, text recognition…);
  • Build the pipeline to manage, process and maintain big data
  • Propose, build and optimize the implementation of solutions;
  • Support implementation of the above solutions into practical projects.


  • Understand the base and architecture of deep learning models.
  • Know the Python code, able to quickly learn new languages if needed
  • Prioritize candidates with experience in deep learning frameworks (Pytorch, MxNet, Tensorflow…), OpenCV and image processing.
  • Prioritize candidates with experience in object detection/face detection/face recognition.
  • Prioritize candidates with good algorithm and math understanding.

Common interests:

  • Very competitive salary
  • Private health insurance cover for VinMec and top hospitals in VN
  • The preferences when using the services of the Vingroup’s member companies.
  • Training course and certificates support
  • Team building/company trips
  • Opportunities to join a diverse and talented team
  • And many more!
Feb 05, 2021
Computer Vision Department
Full Time